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Jodie Cooper  webSuccess to Jodie Cooper is living each day to its fullest and making every moment count. This includes her personal life and her career as a coach. If you're looking for a presenter who practices what she preaches then you've come to the right place. Jodie has created the life she once dreamed of, balancing a thriving business with being a loving and fun Mum to Laura (six) and Dylan (four).

Over the last ten years Jodie has studied positive psychology, happiness, wellbeing and coaching extensively. She launched her first book, Bringing Happiness Home, in 2009 and has seen both her business and personal life flourish with it's success. Jodie is now focused on bringing the power of positive psychology to business people!

Jodie has a degree in Commerce, specialising in Marketing and Management and runs her own successful business as a Positive Psychology and Mindset presenter and educator in the Illawarra. Previously Jodie has been the Commercial Manager & Director for a medium sized manufacturing firm which has given her a comprehensive appreciation for the complexities and dynamics of business. Jodie taps into all of these skills when working with business people and believes the key to any business success lies with it's people, their mindsets and thier wellbeing.

Jodie graduated as an Officer of the Australian Army Reserve, Duntroon in 2000. Her experience in the Reserves have developed her into a highly motivated and focused woman. She has traveled the world extensively and holds herself to the highest possible standards in both life and business. Jodie brings a wide range of life experience to her clients and audiences. She has hiked the Kokoda trail in 2000, traveled Europe solo, worked in a cocktail bar in the Scottish Highlands and more recently learned to skateboard. Jodie also surfs, runs, dances, climbs and constantly looks for new ways to challenge herself. She brings all of her knowledge, enthusiasm and dedication to everything she does and is passionate about assisting people to achieve the businesses and lives they desire.

Continual learning and self-development are key factors in Jodie Cooper's life. Jodie holds a Certificate IV in Life coaching, a Diploma of Coaching; is an NLP Practitioner and holds a Diploma of Positive Psychology. (The first international qualification of it's kind and is looking forward to attaining a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology over the next few years.) Jodie believes that Happiness precedes Success and threads this message into every dimension of her life and business. 

Being the best, and possibly only Positive Psychology Coach in the Wollongong area, and an exceptional key note speaker, Jodie Cooper is truly making the world a better place, one person at a time.

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 Jodie has a strong team supporting her made up of Susan Kennedy, P.A., her husband Sean Cooper, Whip Cracker and Muse, and Tracy Duggan, Events Coordinator. 

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