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If you want an exceptional business, you need exceptional people, and Jodie's business is built around developing exceptional people. Jodie will help your leaders to thrive, create synergy within the business and support you and your team on the path to success!

The key to a successful business is having the best people in your industry. Jodie coaches your team to achieve their full potential both as an executive and in their personal lives, therefore giving you better bottom line results.

Essentially, Happy people are more productive, more creative, better communicators, sell more, are healthier and more reliable! Jodies speciality is in assisting clients to realise, aim for, and reach their full potential in business and in life. There's a reason some businesses thrive, it's because they employ the principles of positive psychology. 

Today’s corporate environment is becoming more intense and the challenges executives are facing are growing. Coaching is unique, in that Jodie acts as a facilitator to your personal and business growth and guides you in the process of developing and utilising skills to give you the edge in the corporate arena. The Executive program focuses on creating empowered and thriving team members and maintaining personal discipline so you and your business can reach it's potential. We increase both the executive’s productivity and their levels of happiness and motivation in their working environment, making the workplace not only much more efficient, but a much nicer place to be. We are sure you would agree this would be of value to your company.

Jodie's programs are available face to face or via phone or Skype, making coaching available not only in the Illawarra, but right around the world!

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See what other Business people are saying about their experience with Jodie Cooper:

"Jodie not only helped me with my business but also in my personal life. Jodie helped me to understand and handle myself and my relationships better. I achieve so much more in a day with the simple but effective tools that Jodie has given me. I can now face my fears and just do it. I am so much more organised I have more time and my life is more balanced. The sessions with Jodie more than met with my expectations and I now have a completely different opinion on Business coaching than I did before. Thank you Jodie Cooper."
Maralyn Young
(Managing Director, Casa Mia) Warilla and FairyMeadow
"From a business perspective, I believe that if you’re not seeing a professional like Jodie, it’s not possible for you to be firing on all cylinders. After 10 years in the industry and 5 years in charge I was overwhelmed with the ongoing responsibilities that needed to be met on a daily basis. Having 16 staff members, controlling three different divisions was a consistent challenge of which my life was in total disarray. I had no balance in my life and it felt as though I was constantly chasing my tail. 
Within two sessions, Jodie had me worked out. It was such a relief. I was delegating left, right and center and was able to focus predominantly on the areas of my business that needed me most. I have a 5 year plan and the company has grown by 20%. The ability to see the goals we put in place being met is incredible. Business is exciting as is the wonderful environment I have been able to create at work. More importantly, I am very happy from every perspective and this I give thanks to Jodie for “sorting me out”."
Adam Martin 
(Owner MMJ South) Windang
"Meeting with Jodie came with perfect timing! I was at the start of a week full of important meetings and dead lines, and feeling the pressure! I was also at a point in both my personal and business life that required some clarity and direction. Jodie worked with me to remove the stress I was feeling and the pressure I was placing on myself, and see the future clearer through goal setting and realistic planning. I will be referring my friends to Jodie and look forward to implementing the systems she has given me."
Paul Munro 
(Director Vision Studio) Mittagong
I believe the essential criteria of Life Coaching are listening, challenging and facilitation. Jodie strikes a great balance between all three, drawing out the answers from within. Coaching has enhanced my ability to understand “just what is important”. With focus and belief anything is possible. Coaching provides the opportunity to critically evaluate yourself. There is nothing so challenging than to question your long held beliefs. The best outcome of coaching was to extend your reasoning power by having someone that will listen, question and facilitate but not judge. The benefit of hearing yourself explain yours goals and thoughts cannot be underestimated. If you are seeking to challenge yourself, maximise your output or simply to learn more about yourself then coaching is for you. Coaching provides the vehicle for you to focus on whatever it is that is important to you (it is different for everyone; it is definitely not one size fits all.) 
Greg Pollock 
(Butler & Pollock) Woonona

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