Connected Parenting with Shelly Birger Phillips

Shelly Birger Phillips is a wonderful parenting coach and has a beautiful philiosophy on connected parenting. Here’s a snapshot of her top 8 tips, keep in mind these are just my my interpretations. I’ve added Shelly’s website at the end so you can grab her audio program or connect with her for coaching. 1) Care…


Are you a Squiggly, Square or Oval parent?

I’ve been attending a Virtues Parenting course for the last three months and am really loving the concepts! This week we learned about parenting styles. The Squiggly parent, the Square parent and the Oval parent. The Squiggly parent has few rules, is inconsistent and generally just tries to keep everyone happy by bending and working…


PERMA-H: 6 Easy steps towards wellbeing

  PERMA is a theory of Well being developed within the field of positive Psychology by Dr Martin Seligman and his team. His theory suggest when we pay deliberate attention to 5 elements and take positive action towards them we will not only improve our individual well being, but also that of our organisations and…


5 ways to look beautiful… without makeup.

I guess most women go through it, but I’m certainly noticing my physical appearance is changing, I feel like I’ve aged 10 years in the last 3, but then, I think that’s pretty normal with motherhood isn’t it. LOL. I always laugh when people look at my business card photo, then look at me, then…


Public Speaking Courses Wollongong

Public speaking is one of the most terrifying experiences in life for most people and these public speaking workshops offered in Wollongong, will support you to face that fear once and for all. Jodie has been speaking publicly for 12 years and has done extensive training in the field. Both Public Speaking training options in Wollongong…


Thoughts determine Success!

Thoughts. Emotions. Actions. Results. That’s the process we need to create success in our lives. When we start with creating positive thoughts we naturally create positive results. Isn’t that what we all want!




How warm are your feet?

Mum & I were talking about shoes the other day, and she mentioned a conversation she’d had recently with her friend. Mrs D was raised in an Eastern European country and as a small child never had shoes. They were simply a luxury the family couldn’t afford, even for the adults. Through the winter months…


8 Ways to manage a stressful day

Many people in today’s society are living with unhealthy levels of stress. The follow activities are things that will help to alleviate and manage those stress levels. Don’t try them all at once, rather try something new each time you notice your stress levels elevating to the red zone. 1) Block time out to relax…


6 Virtues every Family needs!

Last night I started a virtues workshop that is part of an international Virtues Project to develop and nurture virtues in children. The first evening we focused on the language we use internally, in our thoughts and also externally, to our family and particularly our children. The 300 Virtues have been identified to be positive…


4 Easy steps to boost your productivity

I recently created a new workshop around personal efficiency and time management, and I’d like share the best of it with you. The team that went through this workshop a few weeks ago loved it, and really clicked with a new way they can work and get the most out of their day. Traditionally we’ve…