Kids playing on a rope swing while Sean coooks dinner on the camp fire. It's the simple things that bring the most joy.

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We've just changed our tag to 'adventures round oz' as we felt 'adventures in positivity' just wasn't right for us anymore. While positive psychology is still my passion, it feels like the wrong time to be basking in positivity while the world is in such termoil. So, adventures round oz it is.

We know how blessed we are to be able to travel and hope that you are safe and well where ever you are in the world. Take care. xx

Not a bad place to get stuck. 😆😆We we're heading to the NT... but are going to stay in QLD for another few weeks just to play it safe. Hope you're safe too. Xx

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I'm currently reading "The Good Life" By Hugh Mackay and he starts his book talking about our societies expectations and what he's titled the 'utopia complex'. The marketing messages we're saturated with telling us that happiness is possible all the time are sinking in and our culture expects life to be perfect and happiness to be our constant companion. It's just not right.

The reality is; life is a complex mess of emotions. There's up's and downs and everything inbetween. These contrasts are what makes it beautiful and interesting. The quote "You can't have a rainbow without a little rain" comes to mind as a lovely example.

Perhaps the next time life throws you a curve ball, try embrace the mess and let go of your expectations. You might just find it was your expectations tripping you up all along.

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Parenting while travelling is tricky. We're together 24/7, without routines, school, a home or any family support. Sometimes there are other kids to play with, often it's just us. When the kids we're little I came across this idea of "Good enough parenting" by Dr Donald Winnicott.

He says our kids need to be fed, clothed and loved, but we shouldn't aim for getting it right every time. It's a burdon many parents take on and actually leaves our kids taking adopting own perfectionist habits.

Parenting is by far the hardest thing I've ever done and this journey amplifies that. We will not get it right, we will make mistakes, we will be unfair at times and contridict ourselves too. At the core of good enough parenting lies love. Do your children know that you love them? If the answer is yes, you are a good enough parent FULL STOP.

Perhaps modelling imperfection is actually the greatest gift you can give your kids?

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The last few weeks have been incredible, but not without challenges. Rain, broken tents, wind, getting lost, cranky kids, a broken windscreen and now contemplating travelling whiles states are closing their borders.

I've been thinking a lot about our trip and come to the conclusion that it's definitely not a holiday, it's an adventure. Joy is definitely not a constant. Trust me when I say we're not happy all the time and have our fair share of frustrations, dissapointments and upsets.

Positive psychology sometimes get's a bad wrap for being "happy-ology" but in reality, it's about appreciating all our emotions and valuing both the good and the bad while we embrace the experience.

We sit around a fire most nights, and it's the times when things go utterly pear shaped that spark the best conversations and the most laughs. Our trip isn't about seeking joy, it's about the experiences. The good, the bad, and most certainly the utterly ridiculaus and I'm hoping the kids learn to embrace this in their lives too.

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This is something I learned from my beautiful friend @AlliWilliamson on how to bring positive psychology to life within my family.

The kids travel diary's are now done in this framework and we often talk about the 'Rose' or 'Rainbow' of the day. It's made it much easier for them to play with and much more engaging for the whole family.

Have a play with the idea of 'Rose, Thorn, Banana & Rainbow' and let me know how it goes.

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I love learning about happiness and I love comedy. Put the two together, and this book (coupled with a cuppa and some lindt chocolate) was just perfect.

Here are some of the take aways from #PaulaPoundstone:
1) Animals bring happiness - Kitty litter trays take it away.
2) Exercise works as a happinses booster, even when it's tough and painful, it still works.
3) Kids are both a source of happiness and despair - and these are interchangable on a moment to moment basis.
4) No one really get's meditation - but trying to get it right seems to help... but only once you let go of getting it right. EEeeek.
5) A lamborghini isn't going to bring as much happiness as helping out at an old folks home. Particularly if you have a super cute dog and a penchant for long winded stories.

So, if you're up for a laugh and would like to learn a little about happiness, this might be your next good read.

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We only have one Earth. As we travel, it's been beautiful to help our kids see how precious our planet is and how quickly it's been damaged by our social norms.

The "Story of Stuff" is a brilliant video that clearly shows what's happening behind the scenes and how the "stuff" we purchase is having ongoing negative impacts around the globe.

I'd love for you to share it with your friends and family too.

We've been thinking a lot lately about what we're trying to achieve with schooling our kids while travelling. Funnily enough, it's more about nurturing a sense of adventure, a love of learning, an open mind and a deep connection to the world we live in..... as opposed to geometry. Interested in what we think school should be about? Have a look at:

Pretty cool day from a farm stay to the beach and the cutest Street library we've seen so far. ...

Tiny habits are the small things we do to set ourselves up for success. We all know the power of setting up good habits. Essentially they make our life easier, keep our willpower in tack and help us to be healthier, happier versions of ourselves. Here's an insight into why tiny habits matter and how to get started.
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