The Amazing part was that even though. I was incredibly nervous I knew I could do it. Even more amazing was the fact that while i do not in any way see myself as a great public speaker (yet) I really enjoyed it!

– Louise Steffens

“I loved the speaking workshop that Jodie facilitated. It exceeded all expectations and I learnt so much in the process about not only myself, but my presentation style and the theory behind presenting and positive psychology. Thank you so much for making it such a positive journey. I now look at presenting in a totally different light and look forward to presenting in the near future. I would highly recommend Jodie’s workshop to anyone who would like to learn to be a better presenter.”

Eloise, University of Wollongong

“I did not head into the workshop with high expectations – I don’t know why! I was very pleasantly surprised. I feel that the workshop was a valuable use of all of the participant’s time. It went a long way to improving my self-awareness and my self-confidence. I especially loved the activities that we participated in which created a positive, happy, and safe place for all to be part of. Would highly recommend Jodie as a facilitator.”


Jodie Crawford. University of Wollongong

“Public speaking is no ones favorite thing so I was nervous and unsure of what would be expected of me. I was pleasantly surprised. Jodie made it a safe and supportive environment and we were given permission to try and fail, but we all succeeded. It was a great experience and I would recommend this program to anyone and everyone. There is a sneaky bit of personal growth here so its worthwhile on so many levels.”

Tracey Wilson. University of Wollongong

“I started coaching sessions with Jodie for a bit of help with public speaking but our sessions quickly turned into what I can only describe as the best soul searching, growth and development coaching I could have ever dreamed of. Jodie goes above and beyond and is so well educated in her field of positive psychology and mindset that she was able to give me tools to initiate life-long change that I can apply to all areas of my life. She really has changed my outlook on life and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough”.

Deb Bruce. Owner, Get Active Health Solutions

“We have had so much positive feedback from everyone who attended. We all learnt so much and the participants all feel so much better equipped to speak and give presentations.”

Jill Whalan. Director, Citylife Community Initiatives

“We loved the experience and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the attendees.”

Tracey Wilson. University of Wollongong

“When I initially started coaching with Jodie, I was unsure of the direction I should take my business in which started impacting my mood. Upon completion of the program I am happier than ever and have a 12 month plan of how I will achieve my goals. Thank you Jodie.”

Erin Watt, Director. HER Property Co

“We’d like to thank you for your uplifting and motivational presentation at our Annual Audiometry Conference in Wollongong this year.

Members found it inspirational and thought provoking whilst having a calming effect on their own wellbeing. We would love to have you back to explore more ways to look after our health  and wellbeing whilst working in such a hectic environment. Thank you again.”



Tracy Hawes, President. Audiometry Nurses Association of Australia Inc.

“You absolutely nailed the presentation, thanks for calling me beforehand and asking just the right questions to really understand this group. In the evaluations your presentation was rated so highly –you were the highlight of the course.

I’m so glad you presented early. We just kept referring to everything you said. You were so generous with your stories and knowledge, you were a brilliant investment. Once again, thanks so much. I think that what you presented will make a real difference to the people who attended. You gave them strategies, insights, humour, tips and more. A thousand thank yous.”







Kristina Dodds, Program Coordinator. Motor Neurone Disease Association of New South Wales