“Jodie has helped me in both my professional and personal life. Since meeting Jodie I have quit smoking and achieved many life goals including starting my own business. Highly recommended.”

Tamara Dyson, Owner. Gestures Online

“I started coaching sessions with Jodie for a bit of help with public speaking but our sessions quickly turned into what I can only describe as the best soul searching, growth and development coaching I could have ever dreamed of. Jodie goes above and beyond and is so well educated in her field of positive psychology and mindset that she was able to give me tools to initiate life-long change that I can apply to all areas of my life. She really has changed my outlook on life and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough”.

Deb Bruce. Owner, Get Active Health Solutions

“Coaching from Jodie Cooper was exactly what I needed to identify my self imposed limitations and develop strategies to overcome them so that I could move forward, with a positive frame of mind, to achieve my goals. Whilst personally confronting at times, coaching allowed me to step out of my comfort zone with the full support and encouragement from my coach. I would not hesitate to seek more coaching in the future to achieve further goals. I highly recommend Jodie Cooper as a professional and valuable coaching service.”

Nicole Hickman, Occupational Therapist

“I have gained so much insight and inspiration from my sessions with Jodie. What an amazing, open and gorgeous woman! She has drawn the best out of me and helped me see the best in others and the world in general. Anyone who thinks their life can be better – It can be! So much I have worked through – I am truly a better Linda – with determination, vision and self confidence to boot! Not only is my life more positive, my mind feels as though it’s been opened to endless possibilities and my hands have been placed on the steering wheel of my life……… and I have gained an awesome friend too.”

Linda Brown, Wollongong

“Jodie’s humanity shines through as a speaker and she is always warm, always funny, always thought-provoking and always engaging. Thank you once again for an inspiring address Jodie – always an uplifting experience!”

Carol Berry, General Manager. Warilla Women’s Centre

“After trying to complete self discovery on my own to find that ‘thing’ I had been searching for (but didn’t realise at the time what that was), I decided that I would seek some guidance by a professional that could assist me achieving my goal.

I came across Jodie’s website and for some reason I felt a connection and kept going back and reading her website a number times. I finally made the call and Jodie spent 30 mins with me on the phone which was to just to make an appointment! That speaks for itself.

Jodie is an inspirational and motivational coach who challenges you to realise your full potential in all areas of your life. Jodie challenged me to specific activities to assist with changing my mindset and new ways of dealing with things which has provided me with feelings that I have not felt for sometime. Jodie has helped me enormously to have the courage and self confidence to try and achieve my personal goals and career goals, and she has supported me and inspired self-belief to help me actually achieve those.

While being a calm and inspiring person, Jodie has a listening soul and ability to understand and help define the big picture of my goals and help me understand personal issues that I never even thought of, she is also able to break down the steps needed to achieve these goals and give practical and insightful advice on how to take that first step towards your goal, whether it be finishing study, assisting in my career direction, realising personal goals and achievements, resolving family and relationship conflict and taking charge of my life.

Coaching, encouraging and listening are second nature to Jodie and I am truly grateful to say I have a wonderful mentor/coach in Jodie!

Jodie will certainly inspire you on your life journey and I can say she certainly has for me.”

Fiona Kurtz, Contact Centre Manager. IRT

“Through the gentle and caring coaching I have received from Jodie I have been guided to clearly identifying what I want in my life and totally removing self-defeating thoughts. These thoughts are so powerless now I am no longer even able to recall them. I am confidently moving towards short-term and long-term goals. I am clear on where my personal happiness lies and on a daily basis enjoy the freedom of being at peace with me.”

Gabby Anchor

“After working with Jodie I’m feeling much more motivated and organised and my path forward is now crystal clear. I’m excited about my goals again! My relationship has improved dramatically and I just have a better perspective and mindset in all areas of my life.

Jodie has a great way of explaining things and a simple conversation would unfold in a week’s time, often with profound changes. I’m so happy I decided to come and see you, it’s been the best investment ever!”

Sarah. Real Estate Professional

“Jodie helped me organise my dreams, wishes and ideas into realistic and achievable goals. Her straight advice backed with plenty of real world experience gave me a ‘head start’ on my path to the goals I set. She packed so much information into all the life coaching sessions! Jodie’s’ coaching isn’t an expense- it’s an investment into your future. If you ever feel stuck, lost, clueless or wondering what to do next, Jodie Cooper is the person to turn to.”

Michael, Young Entrepreneur

“Jodie’s laughter session was an instant success with all carers. Jodie is a fantastic presenter, energetic, funny and exceeded carer’s expectations.Thank you!”

Myriam Marchant. Kiama Council