“I was gobsmacked! The room was set up in a manner that was welcoming and friendly, tables prepared with iced water and mints. Jodie was there to greet each of us as we entered, her friendly demeanor made us all feel very comfortable and welcomed. Jodie wasn’t your typical ‘corporate’ style presenter, if anything she presented as one of us and I liked that. Jodie’s style of presenting was calm and controlled, she listened intently as we shared our individual fears of presenting to an audience and reassured us all that at the end of the day, we would have the tools needed to overcome those fears. But I was still frightened, my heart raced as it approached my turn to present…I stood on the star in the middle of the room….I could hear my own heartbeat in my ear…but I took a deep breath and whispered to myself ‘You’ve got this’ I put in place everything that Jodie had taught us that day…and NAILED it! – The only thing to fear is fear itself. Thank you for your wisdom Jodie and for sharing your knowledge – you are a true inspiration.”

Eddie Boyle, Strategic Manager. Warrigal

“Jodie is a fantastic coach and trainer. Jodie recently helped to prepare for a presentation for a conference and I don’t know that I could have done it without her.  She really helped me to break done the concepts into simple chunks, explain my story well and helped me to speak confidentially at the conference.”

Danica Vujic, Executive Assistant. Peoplecare

“I learnt so much from your presentation and have taken many of the tips on board. The presentation was just amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the style of presentation, which was very relaxed, informative and in a comfortable space.”

Alfred Chidembo. Ph. D. Founder. Aussie Books For Zim

Having recently participated in the Public Speaking Workshop at UOW, it gave me an introduction to the skills and the courage to put what I learnt into practice with opportunities to speak in front of two audiences so far. Jodie’s sound knowledge and her personality were so beneficial to me and how I participated.”

Debbie Critcher, Student Services Officer. University of Wollongong

“Jodie has a very relatable style, and the workshop was fun and practical. Jodie is generous with her knowledge & I love all the different activities over the two days. Exceeded expectations big time!”

UOW Speaking with Confidence Participant

The Amazing part was that even though. I was incredibly nervous I knew I could do it. Even more amazing was the fact that while i do not in any way see myself as a great public speaker (yet) I really enjoyed it!

– Louise Steffens