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Life is getting more complex. There are more things to do, more stress, more work, more social commitments and we’re getting busier and busier….. but not actually happier. Over the 12 years that Jodie’s been coaching, she’s discovered that every client she’s worked with simply wants more happiness in their lives.

Happiness is fleeting though, a motmentary blip in an otherwise dreary day isn’t enough. What you want is be become lastingly happy. The sort of happiness that floods your life with positivity, that spreads throughout your relationships and leaches into your health, career, family and daily routines. This happiness is grounded in reality, it faces challenges head on, diffuses negativity and consistently moves forward with optimism and hope. That’s where Positive Psychology comes it, it’s the science and study of what is right with human beings, organisations and communities and is central to everything Jodie does, meaning you’ll get so much more than just ‘life coaching’.

Happiness isn’t a mystery anymore, it a formula that you can learn and apply, and when you do, you create more success in every area of your life. Happiness precedes success, not the other way around as many people think. Jodie lives and breathes positive psychology, and her life is a testament to its viability, as she puts in place all she learns in her own life, prior to sharing it with clients. Her role essentially, is to challenge, support and to guide you, using the best information on offer. Jodie has a deep understanding of how the brain works, how to rebuild your mindset for positivity, and how to build up your positivity muscle, something that truly sets her apart from other coaches.

“For the first time in my life I’m happy, and it’s not based on something. Not a person or a new job, I’m just happy in me.” – Erin Weeks

The initial Coaching Program Jodie offers, includes six coaching sessions of one hour each and takes around three months to complete. Here’s what you’ll achieve with Jodie’s personal coaching program.

  • Happiness – There’s a simple science many habits that you’ll learn. Think of happiness like tennis, it’s just focus and practice.
  • Confidence – Imagine tapping into the best part of you, easily and all the time. Learn to recognise your strengths and how to apply them.
  • Motivation – Ever felt motivated but still stuck to the lounge and not done anything? Find out how willpower and grit will get you there faster.
  • Mindset – Learn about your mind and how to shift negative thoughts to positive. Letting go– Deal with anxiety, worry and stress more effectively with new skills to better manage your thoughts and emotional wellbeing.
  • Goal setting – Many goals end up demotivating and damaging self esteem. Jodie sets you up for success with positive habits that work.
  • Relationships – Review key relationships and build communication and connection into your everyday life.
  • Self Compassion – Becoming kind to yourself is often unfamiliar, and is paramount in managing negative patterns.
  • Values alignment – Ensure your life reflects what’s most important to you and establish functional routines to live them.

“Jodie packed so much information into all the life coaching sessions! Jodie’s’ coaching isn’t an expense- it’s an investment into your future. If you ever feel stuck, lost, clueless or wondering what to do next, Jodie Cooper is the person to turn to.” – Michael S.

If you’re been thinking ‘Life could be better’ Jodie makes the process easy by offering a FREE INITIAL COACHING SESSION so you’re able to meet Jodie and talk though your situation. Together you’ll map out what you’d like to achieve over the next three months and find out if Jodie’s the right coach for you. Jodie has an office in Warilla and sees clients from Nowra, Kiama, Shellharbour, Wollongong, Thirroul and Sydney.

Not only is my life more positive, my mind feels as though it’s been opened to endless possibilities and my hands have been placed on the steering wheel of my life……… and I have gained an awesome friend too.” – Linda Wicks

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