Jodie is a wellbeing keynote speaker and a positive psychology expert. She can bring your event to life and engage your audience in new ways that will inspire the workplace and make for the perfect team building workshop. Jodie’s presentation’s help professionals learn to manage workplace stress, improve the workplace culture and develop more work life balance. She’ll have your team laughing, playing and walking away with new ideas, practical tools and feeling inspired to improve their productivity and professional well being. Jodie’s presentations are designed to support common issues within teams and give you the latest research from positive psychology around workplace well being, communication, leadership, productivity and managing workplace stress.

Jodie is an experienced and highly regarded positive psychology expert and wellbeing keynote presenter. With her depth of understanding about business and positive psychology, she’ll have your team feeling engaged, connected, optimistic and motivated by the end of the session. Her passion, energy and general love of life come across in everything she does and will inspire your team to reach further, work harder and squeeze more good out of every day, than ever before.

As a wellbeing keynote speaker and a positive psychology expert, Jodie will tailor a presentation to your organisation and customise it to fit your agenda. Each presentation will be interactive, engaging and fun and can easily be delivered on an online platform. Presentations are designed to provide new insights and experiences to improve your workplace wellbeing and business productivity. If your goal is to revitalise your team and get them engaged, connected and motivated again, check out the presentations below and or download Jodie’s speakers kit for more info.

Developing a positive culture. Jodie Cooper positive psychology expert

Developing a Positive Culture

Performance improves with a positive workplace culture.

  •  Learn the framework for wellbeing at work
  •  Boost staff engagement, productivity & wellbeing
  • Create simple ideas to lift your working environment

Positive Leadership for everyone

Strong leaders are imperative to high performing teams.

  •  Develop a mindset that breeds creativity & growth
  • Connect with the meaning behind your work
  • Learn to inspire and empower those around you

Building Resilience in changing times

Teams that learn to embrace change together, will thrive together.

  • Develop strategies for managing stress & constant change
  • Improve willpower to stay focused & boost productivity
  • Create sustainable work habits to improve work life balance

Communicating with Confidence

Business success depends on communication between individuals.

  •  Learn to play to your strengths & speak up when it counts
  •  Develop strategies to communicate effectively at work
  • Manage relationships that effectively to elevate productivity