If you want to bring your event to life, engage your audience and have them walking away with new ideals, practical tools and feeling inspired to improve their productivity and professional well being, you’ve come to the right place. Jodie’s presentations are designed to support common issues within teams and give you the latest research from positive psychology around workplace well being.

Jodie is an experienced and highly regarded presenter, and with her depth of understanding about business and positive psychology, she’ll have your team feeling engaged, connected, optimistic and motivated by the end of her session. Her passion, energy and general love of life come across in everything she does and will inspire your team to reach further, work harder and squeeze more good out of every day, than ever before.

Each presentation is tailored to your organisation and customised to fit your agenda and of course, they are all interactive, engaging and fun and will provide new insights and experiences to improve your workplace and business. If your goal is to revitalise your team and get them engaged and motivated again, check out the presentations below and see how Jodie can support you.

The Mindset of Personal Efficiency

Learn new and proven techniques to improve personal efficiency and corporate productivity.

  • Utilise the 25% of unproductive work time
  • Organise your mind and your space
  • Develop a growth mindset

Developing a Positive Culture

Positivity is core to creating a successful and productive team.

  • Regain clarity and focus
  • Develop sustainable motivation &
  • Recreate Work/ Life Balance
  • Creating a Positive Vision

Building a Positive Vision

Every organisation needs a vision to be able to inspire its team and pursue its core objectives.

  • Build the 5 year vision
  • Map out core values &
  • Engage and inspire the team

Working with Emotional Intelligence

Help your team to understand both theirs and others emotions and respond positively to change.

  • Emotional intelligence is responsible for around 80% of
    success at work
  • Learn the foundations for dealing with your own emotions

Creating Corporate Harmony

Boost productivity, reduce stress and harness the ability
to focus anytime, anywhere on anything.

  • Learn stress management techniques
  • Develop resilience in challenging times &
  • Build a positive and productive environment

Building Positive Leaders

Positive leadership and communication is the key to developing productive and successful teams.

  • Bring out the best in your leaders
  • Recognise and nurture strengths &
  • Revolutionise meeting productivity

The Business of fun

Energise the team to be more focused, creative, productive and in turn profitable.

  • Inspire innovation and change
  • Build the foundations for a great place to work &
  • Create a residual positive affect

Eliminate fear, harness passion and tap into the potential of your executives to make a difference.

  • Learn the essentials of public speaking
  • Develop the ability to connect with stakeholders &
  • Empower staff to be their best