speaking training

Speaking Training

Public speaking is one of the most terrifying experiences in life for most people. Jodie has been speaking publicly for over twelve years and has done extensive training in the field and is passionate about helping others share their ideas and knowledge. Jodie offers an exceptional Public Speaking Program; however many people prefer to learn in a one on one environment.

To focus on your speaking skills, Jodie offers a two-hour private session to help develop your ideas, bring in humour, style and stories and polish your presentation to ensure it shines! In this coaching session, you will go over every nuance of your presentation, ensuring it’s powerful, convincing and moving for your audience. Whether you’re delivering to the board, pitching a new idea or you’re the best man at a wedding, you’ll step into the presentation with confidence, and articulate your message clearly and effectively.

Topics will be guided by your needs but may include:

  • Crafting the presentation content and structure
  • Developing the key message and through line
  • Practicing body language and stage presence
  • Developing your personal style and credibility frame
  • Rehearsing a dynamic presentation
  • Interacting and engaging with the audience
  • Developing emotional mastery and points of connection
  • Putting together stories, case studies and activities

Presenting well, can be a challenge, but with the right support, skills and mindset it can become a turning point in your career, giving you the ability to voice your ideas and become a thought leader in your industry.

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